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Barrel Chair Slipcover

A Barrel Chair Slipcover Will Change The Look Of Your Furniture

Has your furniture seen better days? You want to redecorate but you just don’t have the money, right? Who does nowadays? Try this on for size… Redecorate with the utilization of slipcovers on your Barrel chairs, dining room chairs, sofas and recliners. You can buy pre-made or even make your own with patterns that are available online. Some of them are even free. They offer slipcover patterns for just about any piece of furniture.

Let’s change it up a bit with a barrel chair slipcoverbarrel chair slipcover

Maybe you want to change your style and décor to French, Mexican, country, southwest, traditional or any one of the unlimited selection available. Slipcovers on your Barrel chairs, couch, love seats and more can help you achieve any of those looks and make you feel like an interior designer with unprecedented technique. The covers you use can be flexible, stylish and really help out when it comes to making the money you’ve decided upon spending go a lot further. The beauty of a Barrel chair slipcover, or any other furniture slipcover, is its ability to transform old furniture into new furniture instantly. Pattern or no pattern, dark colors or light colors, tight fitting or loose fitting… anything goes, all depending on your personal choice. Some manufacturers, like Barrel, even offer the option of various slipcovers made specifically for a piece of furniture that allows you to change styles with the seasons. Fun, huh?

Remember that hideous chair Aunt Sylvia gave you for your wedding?

Dear God, sea foam green. Well, now you can use it and not be ashamed. A Barrel chair slipcover in your choice of colors or patterns will provide you with a great excuse not to get rid of that chair. Cover it. What could be simpler? Oops, the kids spilled grape juice or that drunken friend of yours spilled red wine… Now what. Get a slipcover… Cover it. That darn cat scratched up the arm of your favorite Barrel chair yet again; are you going to pay to have it reupholstered again? No you are not… Cover it. You try to talk your husband into letting go of that beat-up Barrel chair he’s been abusing forever, but he says he’s just gotten it broken in and it’s perfect the way it is. Are you going to let the guests in your house see this poor used-up chair when they come to visit? No you will not… Cover it.

The barrel chair slipcover, It’s not just a cover-up anymore

It is in fact, the latest decorating technique in interior design. Slipcovers are not necessarily used anymore for just a cover-up; they are there absolutely on purpose. No one even thinks about them anymore when they see them on furniture. Just the opposite, actually. And slipcovers aren’t just for living rooms and family rooms anymore either. They’re making themselves known in kitchens and dining rooms as well. That’s right. This is a great way to tie your kitchen or dining room in with the rest of your house. Rather than having an individual theme in each room of your house, you can decide upon a uniform design and just change it slightly for different rooms. Imagine doing every piece of furniture in your home for what it used to cost you to reupholster one item. You can do that not just with a barrel chair slipcover, but slipcovers for all your furniture.

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